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Friday, 1 April 2011

Pani Manishi Pushpa ni Dengina Raju 2

Ravi_Raaja_panimanishi_pushpa_02After directing his sensational second flick 'Brindavanam', Vamsi Paidipalli is riding high on cloud nine. Like an icing on the cake, one of the heroines of that flick, Samantha got close to him spending all her private time with him. On Wednesday, the couple attended a private party where the semi final match of India-Pakistan was screened on a large screen. Many times, Samantha shocked the onlookers for always changing her juice glass with Vamsi's. Though the friends in that group are saying that Samantha did that as a mistake due to confusion, no one seemed to believe that. Is that confusion or an infatuation for Vamsi's juice Samantha?

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